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Photons, electrons, and all other elementary building blocks of our physical world represent simplicity in nature and existed long before complex structures like humans existed. Reality is quite real for all forms of matter, although admittedly, it is not always intuitive to rationalize the nature of this simplicity. What is meant by ``simplicity'' here is that just because we need strange quantum mechanical language to describe these systems, quantum mechanics can describe quite accurately their behavior, for example, ``spin up'' and ``spin down'' states. In contrast, in order to accurately describe a structure such as a group of several molecules is a hopelessly more complex calculation. Thus, the quantum world represents simplicity, not complexity.

Whether in the form of leptons or photons, individual quanta of energy are passive creatures and propagate as waves, interfering as expected. These effects are observed only by carefully controlling the ``directions'' (e.g. spin projection, and polarization) in which we choose to observe the waves. The mystery of quantum behavior occurs in the waves' ability to collapse into eigenstate upon absorption or possibly a partial interaction with other matter. There is no wave-particle duality. There are no point particles, only localized energy transfers. The ProWave Interpretation of quantum mechanics is the alternative to the myriad of unpalatable existing interpretations. The building blocks of matter and radiation exist in only one world, and they have only one history.

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Dan Provenzano
Thu Jan 15 19:33:34 PST 1998