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This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a hodge podge of stuff found in some random searches. If you send your New Physics website or book suggestions to me, and I keep looking, eventually this will be a good list. Also, if you don't like a site or book listed here, please let me know, I want to develop some kind of system of recommendations for books and sites, yet I don't wish to dismiss any idea without first carefully considering it.

WWW: Weird and Wonderful Websites

Information, Tutorials & Theory

Space Art, the Solar System: Recent Moon & Planetary Pix:  Great Astronomy Site with a history of the space program, a list of historical figures in astronomy and a glossary of astronomy terms.

A list of  Physical Laws  is available from this US server.

This page at the University of Oxford describes the wave particle duality in Lasers

Some works on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle available on the WWW

Particle Wave Duality  Tom, a Physics Student provides some basic first and second year college level physics  tutorial on the history of the Particle Wave Duality

Particle and Wave Visualizations

Atom-in-a-Box: Dean Dauger's Quantum Simulation of Hydrogen Orbitals

Fraunhoffer Workshop: Wave Diffraction Patterns thru Arbitrary Apertures

Molecular Models: Visualize Hundreds of Curious Chemicals as little round balls stuck together! :-)

More Scientists with Strange Ideas...

Caroline Thompson: Against the Quantisation of Light - this UK college professor has some lively ideas on The Nature of Light and interesting links at her site.

Physics and Science Organizations

American Physical  Society,

Common Sense Science , looking for new theories of physics that obey scientific principles

Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) Home Page

The Global Dissident Physics Association ('ethical discourse in natural philosophy'), Australia.



Books worth a Second Look

"On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox" John Bell Physics Vol 1, 195 (1964)

"A Single Quantum Cannot be Cloned" Wooters & Zurek Nature Vol 299, 802 (1982)

"Quantum Profiles" Jeremy Bernstein Princeton University Press (1991)

"Bell's Theorem Without Inequalities" Greenberger, Horne, Shimony & Zeilinger American Journal of Physics Vol 58 p113122 (1990)

 "Mind Matter & Quantum Mechanics" Henry Stapp Springer-Verlag New York (1993)

"The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" Gary Zukav William Murrow (1979)

  "Life at the Edge of Science" Beverly Rubik Institute for Frontier Science (1996)