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The ProWave Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Dan R. Provenzano -  July 27, 1996gif


It is widely accepted in Quantum Mechanics that measurements reveal the particle nature of elementary quanta, but there are many interpretations on how these ``particles'' move from the emitter to the point of measurement. This paper introduces in the ProWave (for ``Propagating Wave '') Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, The basic idea is that elementary quanta always exist in the form of a wave, and always travelin the form of a wave, described by Schrödinger evolution, but are always measured each at a single location. This concept replaces all interpretations based on quanta traversing a particle path with the notion of a propagating wave coupled with a new concept of ``Quantum Energy Localization.'' It is argued in this paper that the ProWave Interpretation explains all known experimental results in a ``realistic'' way that would have pleased Einstein, Schrödinger, deBroglie and all those who are currently looking for a sensible way to understand the implications of Quantum Theory. As examples, the 2-slit experiment, and EPR experiment, and a quantum eraser are interpreted in the ProWave picture.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Experiments
  3. Current Interpretations
  4. The ProWave Interpretation
  5. Explanation of the Experiments
  6. Summary
  7. Appendix
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. References
  10. About this document ...

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Dan Provenzano
Thu Jan 15 19:33:34 PST 1998

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